Treatment for debilitating knee pain

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Treated like VIP

"On Fathers Day, 2014, I pretty much destroyed my collarbone.  It was in multiple pieces and was also displaced, which means that the chunks of bone weren't where they belonged and my arm was dangling like a lead weight.  Only a surgery would fix this.

 The next day, I was sent to see Dr. Antkowiak.  I liked him immediately.  His enthusiasm was infectious.  Rather than taking the somber, serious and mostly negative approach that doctors usually use to scare you to death with when you're seriously hurt or sick, he was upbeat and confident.  Dr. A looked at the damage and said, "Wow.  You weren't messing around, were you?  This break is a bit trickier than average but I've done worse.  We should be able to fix you right up!"

Next, I dealt with his assistant, Amanda.  She was equally upbeat and energetic.  The displacement was causing me intense pain, so she pulled strings, jumped through hoops and moved mountains to get me the earliest possible surgery date.  

My operation took a lot longer than expected.  It was only later, following conversations with my therapist and some other medical professionals, that I figured out why.  A collarbone is bow-shaped.  For the patient to have a successful recovery, the surgeon needs to get the arc just right but also must get the two ends properly aligned.  Carpenters say, "Measure twice, cut once.  Dr Antkowiak obviously subscribes to this same theory.  I'd really done a number on myself and some doctors might have taken the attitude that whatever repair they managed to throw together would be way better than what I'd walked in with,  Not Dr. Antkowiak.  He wasn't punching a clock in that operating room.  Instead, he was trying to win the surgery.  Perhaps this dedication to perfection comes from his being so involved in sports medicine but one thing is for sure.  You want a surgeon with an attitude like this screwing your bones back together.  

My surgery was a complete success.  At the first post-operation appointment, Dr A was delighted to see my X Rays, commenting, "YES!  Nailed it!"  Clearly, this man was proud of the work he'd done to my skeleton.  

Because I was anxious to get back to my job and hobbies, and since I was very concerned about healing to less than 100% mobility, I approached my therapy with aggressive caution.  I did everything I was told to do, exactly as I was told to do it and made it my job to be the perfect patient.  Dr. A had won the surgery so I made it my goal to win the therapy!  My biggest fear was to overdo it and ruin Dr. Antkowiak's masterful repair, but by following the doctor's instructions to the letter, I healed up perfectly.

Four months later, I'm living my life exactly as I did before the injury.  I can work and play just as hard as I ever could previously.  I'd like to think that it was divine guidance which brought me to a doctor who is an enthusiastic perfectionist.  Throughout my recovery, Dr. A and his entire staff treated me like the most important person in their care.  I'd recommend Dr. Antkowiak and his team to anyone.  While I pray that I'll never be busted up enough to need him again, you can bet that Dr. A will remain my go-to guy in orthopedic surgery."

C. Onwiler

Exceptional Service

"Today I had an appointment with Dr. Corcoran and I was introduced to PA-C Michael Holmes.  I have to give my highest praise and appreciation to Michael.  He is a very considerate and kind care-provider.  I have always received the greatest care and dignity from the staff at OAK and my experiences with Dr. Corcoran have been fantastic.  It is no secret that Dr. Corcoran is the best!  But, I want someone to know that my experience today with Michael Holmes was exceptional."

Pastor Cindi Schimmelpfennig 

Only the Start for Me

Replantation of Left Forearm Due to Amputation by Kermit Muhammad, MD
"Because of my orthopaedic care, I have my left arm and am able to have movement in my arm and hand.

This is only the start for me. On February 11th my left forearm was amputated in an accident involving a saw.  I was taken to Riverside where later Dr. Kermit Muhammed preformed surgery to reattach my left forearm.  After 7 hours of surgery my arm was reattached.  IV therapy was prescribed for the next 6 weeks through a PICC line. My therapy started out being just wound care, but now I am able to do movement therapy."

B. DeMik --Patient
            St. Anne, IL

I Can Walk

Rocker Bottom Root Correction by Milton J. Smit, MD
"Because of my orthopaedic care, I can walk. I was born with a birth defect that would have crippled me, but after many orthopaedic surgeries my foot was corrected and instead of wearing braces on my leg, I was an athlete all through school and am happily walking, running and dancing today."

S. Davis --Patient
Chicago, IL.


First Class Service

“I have been a patient of OAK a number of times for a variety of reasons over the last 25 years.  No matter if the reason for the visit was a relatively small issue or one that ultimately required surgery, the Doctors and supporting staff at OAK have without exception provided first-class service.  It is refreshing to see a group of specialized surgeons seek non-surgical alternatives to treatment before recommending surgery.  Based upon my first-hand experience, I have no hesitation in recommending OAK for the evaluation and treatment of orthopedic issues.”


R. North – Patient

                     Frankfort, IL


Overall Concern

“I have been associated with OAK and their physicians since 2001.  Their professionalism, service, and their overall concern for people has been nothing short of amazing.  I would definitely recommend this group for your medical needs should the situation arise.” 


D. Brost – Patient

                     Mokena, Il.


Very Grateful

“When a doctor takes great care of me, insuring my health for my future, I am always very grateful. 

Dr. Timothy Friedrich is definitely a doctor I will recommend to my family and friends without hesitation. 

Thank you Dr. Friedrich.”


Wendy Peterson – Patient

College Athletic Director

Everywhere from teaching how to avoid injury, to dealing with injuries, I think the athletes in this area are just truly blessed to have OAK.

-Denny Lehnus – Patient, Basketball Coach & College Athletic Director, NJCAA Hall of Fame - Coach


 Dr. Corcoran, I mean this from the bottom of my heart, you are a great Doctor who made this very scared patient feel comfortable and glad that she chose to have the surgery.

-Paulette M. Galen – Patient

Professional Baseball Scout

 I would not hesitate to recommend this facility and these doctors to anybody.

-Stuart Cann – Patient, Professional Baseball Scout, Atlanta Braves

Professional Softball Player

Dr. Puri was the Best!, For my ankle, for preparing me to get back to playing ability, he’s just very personable and easy to talk to, and understood my situation.

-Laura Harm – Patient, Professional Softball Player, Chicago Bandits

PGA Member

 I cannot say enough about the incredible experience I had with OAK Orthopedics and Dr. Corcoran's care in having my total knee replacement a year ago. As a professional golfer my left knee is of utmost importance to support the powerful weight shift that I need to produce subpar rounds consistently. The left knee surgery was a brilliant success and I was up and walking within a day and golfing within six weeks. Now my left knee is stronger than my right and I am hitting the ball straighter and longer than ever. Don't settle for anything less than the best – take it from me. GO OAK!!!

-Wally Armstrong  – Patient & Florida resident, PGA Tour Lifetime Member, 1978 Masters – 5th place finisher

Highly Recommended

I visited Dr. Lee at the Oak Orthopedics office in Frankfort because pain in my knees was hampering my physical activity.  The friendly and efficient office valued my time and clearly explained all my options as a patient.  Not only did Dr. Lee greatly help my knee pain thru injections, he also explained why I had been experiencing discomfort in my foot and how to alleviate that.  I highly recommend this office to my friends and family.

-Cindy Heath

Love them!

Dr. Choy and his staff, EXCELLENT CARE, I love them.

-Delores Seymore – Kankakee, IL