OAK - Total Joint Center

At OAK Total Joint Center we are dedicated to the continuing research and development of advanced surgical techniques in total joint replacement. The Total Joint Center seeks to improve the patient's experience from diagnosis to recovery with decreased pain, increased motion and less annoyance.  Dr. Milton Smit, who leads our total joint team, has been recognized at the annual meeting of the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons and regarded as one of elite total joint replacement surgeons.  Dr. Smit has been involved in the clinical research of total hip arthroplasty as well as the design and clinical research for total knee arthroplasty. Dr. Smit is actively involved with teaching as well as developing systems for minimal incision surgery for hip and knee replacements. Over the past 30 years, Dr. Smit has successfully implanted over 6,000 hips, knees and shoulders and implants over 500 total joints annually.

Dr. Rajeev Puri is fellowship trained in reconstructive surgery of the hip and knee. He is actively involved in researching and implementing minimally invasive techniques in total hip and knee replacements. Dr. Puri is also recognized as OAK’s specialist in the revision of total joint replacement surgery.

The movement of our body is a natural instinct and a function that is often taken for granted; but when pain and disability overwhelm your ability to walk or lift an arm due to a severe arthritic condition or injury, the effect on your life can be devastating. Total joint replacement can be a safe and effective answer in helping you return to an active lifestyle. The OAK Total Joint Center is devoted to the care and treatment of severe joint problems which may require replacement. Due to the advancement of surgical procedures and the introduction of technically advanced materials, total knee and hip replacements are easier, less painful and more reliable than ever before.