OAK – Spine Institute

The OAK Spine Institute provides a comprehensive spine care program designed to help you:

  • understand your back pain or neck pain; 
  • return to an active, productive lifestyle: 
  • learn how to minimize recurring episodes of back pain and problems. 

OAK Orthopedics Spine Institute has assembled a team of spine specialists. Dr. Juan Santiago-Palma and Dr. Ashraf Hasan are physicians trained in pain management of back and neck.  Working in conjunction with our physicians are rehabilitation specialists and exercise therapists to offer a comprehensive, one-stop treatment facility for the back care; covering diagnosis, pain management, physical therapy, surgery, and rehabilitation.

Our goal is to address your concerns quickly and effectively, whether your problem is the result of a congenital disorder, a work or play injury, or pain that develops over time. We look at the psychological, social and vocational issues that may be a part of the problem, which may affect your treatment program.

At the OAK Spine Institute, we use a multi-disciplinary team of physical medicine and rehabilitation physicians along with physical therapists to diagnose, treat, and rehabilitate diseases and injuries to the spine. This team approach integrates prevention, care and treatment for return to an active lifestyle.

Services include:

  • Non-surgical Spine Care 
  • Acute Pain Management
  • Spinal Rehabilitation