OAK Pediatrics

Children with orthopedic conditions require treatment different from that which is prescribed for adults. Because the bodies of children are not fully developed, pediatric orthopedics concentrates primarily on the growth and proper development of bones, joints and ligaments.

Alexander E. Michalow, M.D. leads our physicians and staff at OAK Orthopedics that are skilled and knowledgeable in the many methods of observation, care and treatment for orthopedic conditions specific to children and adolescents.

One of the most important distinctions to be made, in diagnosing children, is to determine whether their orthopedic condition is related to an abnormal growth pattern, as opposed to a disease, disorder or congenital deformity. Many times, what appears to be an abnormality in muscular or skeletal development during early childhood, the condition will spontaneously remedy itself during the growth process. For this reason, our first priority is to observe and examine each child on an individual basis.

Sometimes, however, children are born with congenital that may occur before or after birth. Children that are afflicted with these types of conditions require special care and treatment, which can be coordinated at OAK Pediatrics.