OAK Foot & Ankle Center

Your feet are essential to almost everything you do because they support the rest of your body. Strong and healthy feet keep you moving, and thus are critical to overall health and well-being. OAK Orthopedic treats a variety of injuries and ailments that affect the feet.  Rajeev Puri, M.D. fellowship trained foot and ankle surgeon and podiatrist Timothy Friedrich, D.P.M. in conjunction with other OAK physicians and surgeons can address these problems.

Due to the great number of bones and ligaments in the foot and ankle, fractures of these areas are both common and painful. Receiving correct orthopedic and podiatric treatment and rehabilitation is extremely important in order to heal the injury properly and also to prevent future problems.

General discomfort from running affects a great number of people each year, perhaps leaving them unable to continue exercising or participating in a sporting activity. OAK Foot & Ankle Clinic can evaluate and determine the specific cause of your discomfort and prescribe the best method of treatment to relieve the problem.

There are additional irritations that plague the foot for which OAK Foot & Ankle Center can be of assistance. Heel pain and bunions can impair walking and running ability as well as imparting acute pain. By fully examining the foot, we can determine if the problem can be cured with orthotic footwear or inserts, medication, or whether surgery is necessary to relieve the problem.